Corporate Excellence - Centre for Reputation Leadership believes that organizations need to scan the social context to anticipate the future, take better decisions and identify risks and opportunities. We call this capacity contextual or reputational intelligence. Our awareness of the importance to know what’s happening around us made us launch the service of current trends’ observatiories.

Reputation&Trends - Stories of Tomorrow

An overview created jointly with C4E to identify the trends in intangibles’ management. If we don’t know what the future holds, it is difficult to take correct decisions in the present. That’s why, together with the C4E team, we monitor all information published by relevant institutions and present it in this overview. Want to know more?



An observatory created by Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership together with GlobeScan, whose objective is to inspire social intelligence in companies by means of monitoring emerging trends in social, cultural and consumer sector contexts. The observatory includes semi-annual reports and conferences that identify possible challenges and opportunities and help to innovate, differentiate oneself and gain a competitive advantage.



This observatory was developed with the help and cooperation of Alva Group and deals with corporate reputation. We understand reputation management as a mechanism of intelligence and ongoing improvement. It is achieved by introducing stakeholders’ expectations and perceptions into the decision-making process. This observatory covers reports on corporate reputation and how different aspects may affect it.


Global Trend Observatory

Observatory created alongside Ipsos to identify the main global issues and news. We are convinced that knowing the key international trends will help to manage a proper and sustainable strategy. Therefore, and hand in hand with the Ipsos team, we analyze and share the most important matters for day-to-day management of intangibles.