We are a think tank, a laboratory of ideas, and that’s what we do: generate publications in the form of studies, best practice cases, articles, etc.

We analyse our learning and try to reflect it in documents which we then share with our member companies, our network of professionals and the business community. Our objective is to share new models, tools and perspectives to promote a new way of doing business.

Below is the list of content types, which are usually developed with the help and cooperation of our allies, a cooperation which we call co-branding.

  • Approaching the Future
  • Multimedia
  • Presentations
  • Simplicity & Intelligence Report

Approaching the Future is our flagship report on integrated and excellent management of intangible assets and resources. Every year Corporate Excellence - Centre for Reputation Leadership jointly with CANVAS – Sustainable Strategies Consultancy, publishes an overview of global trends in reputation, sustainability, ethics and good governance based on the concerns voiced by the directors and professionals of Excellence - Centre for Reputation Leadership member companies.

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Audio and video documents – videos and podcasts – to keep yourself informed about the developments in the area of intangibles’ management.

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An exclusive internal monthly report which synthesizes ideas derived from the most relevant reports of the month from the reputation point of view. It presents key results in an objective and coherent way and offers recommendations on how to address arising challenges and opportunities.

Best practice cases drawn up by our member companies and organizations which are reference points for good corporate management.

Best Practice Cases Series

Results and conclusions of research and R&D+i projects on specific aspects of intangibles’ management.

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Strategic analysis of the most relevant reports for business management. In a clear and concise way, the main results and conclusions are synthesized and presented along with recommendations for business practice.

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Technical documents and position papers on concepts and specific knowledge areas.

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Exposición de ideas sobre conceptos o áreas de conocimiento concretas a partir de ponencias, talleres o jornadas.

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Reviews of reference books for corporate administration and management of strategic intangible assets.

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Overviews of the most relevant theses for business management and strategic intangible assets.

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