Our ecosystem

The essence of our collective identity resides in our ECOSYSTEM OF ALLIANCES AND COLLABORATION in which academics, consultants, and professionals participate. The creation of this solid network of alliances and collaboration nodes throughout all these years has allowed us to advance in the field of intangibles and consolidate concepts, create and implement management models and tools, and establish indicators and standards in measurement and reporting.

Alliances and participative collaborations

The essence of our cooperation identity is projected in our ECOSYSTEM OF ALLIANCES which brings together academics, consultants and professionals. Creation of this solid alliance network and “cooperation nodes” enabled us during all these years to make progress in the area of intangibles, to solidify concepts, to create and implement management models and indicators.

Intelligence and knowledge network

Associations and institutions

Consulting firms and media

Universities and courses

Scientific Board

Luis Abril

Intangibles expert

Juan José Almagro

Exdirector general

Alberto Andreu

Associate professor
University of Navarra

Paul Argenti

Corporate Communication Professor
Tuck School of Business

Marijke Baumann

Corporate Communication Centre & Executive MSC in Corporate Communication

Juan Benavides

Complutense University of Madrid

Roger Bolton

Arthur W. Page Society

Andrea Bonime-Blanc

CEO y founder
GEC Risk Advisory

Jorge Cachinero

Global Advocacy & Government Relations

Enrique Carreras

Professor CEU
San Pablo

Craig Carroll

PhD Professor Visiting Scholar &
Adjunt Professor
Rice University

Ana Casado

University of Málaga

María Fernanda Castillo

Senior Brand Consultant
& Openminders Founder

Joan Costa

Communication specialist and lecturer
Ibero-American University of Mexico

Macarena Estevez

CEO y founding memeber

Charles Fombrun

Reputation Institute

Justin Green

Global Alliance

Anne Gregory

University of Huddersfield

Oriol Iglesias


Nicholas Ind

Professor EUR, Stockholm University & Copenhagen Business School

Mariano Maqueda

Founding member
Punto de Fuga

Juan Manuel Mora

Communication vice-rector
Universidad de Navarra

Juan Díez Nicolás

President and founder

Xavier Oliver


José Ignacio Peláez

Professor University of Málaga
Metrics and Intangibles course Director

Italo Pizzolante

Founding member

Fernando Prado

Brand and corporate reputation
management expert

Josep Santacreu

DKV España

Majken Schultz

Communication professor
Copenhagen Business School

Terry Tyrrell

The Brand Union

Cees Van Riel

Reputation Director Forum Netherlands
Professor RSM Erasmus University Rotterdam