Internacional Conference 4th Edition Building Universities Reputation

03 of octubre of 2019. - 12:00



The BUR congress series (Building Universities Reputation), are academic and reflective spaces about the study and evaluation of the scope and relevance of reputation in universities. In this sense, since its first edition in 2015, it has been reflecting on this fundamental aspect for the university institution, from the different perspectives that interested parties that interact with them can give us.

In this opportunity the reflection arises around the role played by the university in society and how these processes of interaction with the environment, affect the reputation of the institutions and directly impact their sustainability, helping in the same way to consolidate their relationship with external actors in time.

In recent decades, it has been reflecting on the role that universities must play in society, and that transcends the realization of quality training processes, and the generation and transfer of knowledge resulting from research, reaching a scenario that poses to the university as a key actor that affects the progress of society through these capabilities, and that is nourished simultaneously from these processes to ensure its sustainability as an educational institution.

In the BUR 2019 edition, it is intended to analyze and deepen the different ways in which universities can interact with these external actors and how the result of this articulation through concrete actions, may or may not leverage their reputation.

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03 of octubre of 2019

- 12:00

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