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Corporate Excellence Learnings from ethics management in business
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Responsible Business & Governance

Learnings from ethics management in business

This document summarizes the main lessons learned from the ethics conference organized by ...

Interview April 2019


Alberto Lopez-Valenzuela (Alva Group) talks about the Connecting Leader

Over the last twenty-five years, we have seen a dramatic shift in the balance of power fro ...

Corporate Excellence - Centre for Reputation Leadership & CANVAS Estrategias Sostenibles Approaching The Future 2018
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Studies & Reports April 2018

Reputation & Reputational Risk

Approaching The Future 2018

Approaching The Future is an annual report on reputation and intangible assets, it identif ...

Interview February 2018

Reputation & Reputational Risk

Craig Carroll talks about corporate reputation

Interview with Craig Carroll where he explains the main insights of Corporate Reputation m ...

Interview November 2016

Responsible Business & Governance

Alessandra Oglino (RepRisk) explain to us the ASG risks management

Interview with Alessandra Oglino, Sales and Account Executive at RepRisk, where she explai ...

Interview October 2016

Responsible Business & Governance

Raúl Manjarín (RepRisk) talks us about the ASG risks

Interview with Raúl Manjarín, Manager Business Development at RepRisk, where ...


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