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Videos resúmenes June 2022

Reputación & Riesgos Reputacionales

Key insights video. Approaching the Future 2022

Video of the data of Approaching the Future 2022. Trends in reputation and management of i ...

Videos resúmenes October 2014

Reputación & Riesgos Reputacionales

Reputational Risks Management and Models

Teaser of the workshop titled "Reputational Risks Management and Models" that Co ...

Videos resúmenes March 2014


Sustainability as a driver for brand value

Summary video of the workshop "Sustainability as a driver for brand value" held ...

Videos resúmenes August 2013


What makes a Chief Communications Officer Excellent? (English version)

Conference Summary of the main findings of the study: What makes a Chief Communications Of ...

Videos resúmenes November 2012


«The Alignment Factor» by Cees Van Riel

In order to win, one has to align. Such is the conclusion made by Cees B. M. van Riel, Pro ...

Videos resúmenes October 2012


New developments and trends in sustainability communications

To succeed in this endeavor PR Professionals need to understand that the paradigm for CSR/ ...


Videos resúmenes September 2012

Reputación & Riesgos Reputacionales

Reputational Risk Insurance

Media reporting will not stop, be it print, television or, sometimes even worse, social me ...

Videos resúmenes August 2012


Communications in the Age of Engagement

The shift will bring inevitable challenges - a social, networked world cannot move forward ...


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