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Entrevistas April 2019


Alberto Lopez-Valenzuela (Alva Group) talks about the Connecting Leader

Over the last twenty-five years, we have seen a dramatic shift in the balance of power fro ...

Entrevistas February 2018

Reputación & Riesgo Reputacional

Craig Carroll talks about corporate reputation

Interview with Craig Carroll where he explains the main insights of Corporate Reputation m ...

Entrevistas November 2016

Sostenibilidad & ASG

Alessandra Oglino (RepRisk) explain to us the ASG risks management

Interview with Alessandra Oglino, Sales and Account Executive at RepRisk, where she explai ...

Entrevistas October 2016

Sostenibilidad & ASG

Raúl Manjarín (RepRisk) talks us about the ASG risks

Interview with Raúl Manjarín, Manager Business Development at RepRisk, where ...

Entrevistas May 2016


Roger Bolton (W. Page Society) talks about the role of the CCO

Interview with Roger Bolton (President, Arthur W. Page Society). He talks about the role o ...

Entrevistas November 2014

Propósito, Cultura & Marca Corporativa

Nigel Hollis (Millward Brown) talks about Brand Management

Interview with Nigel Hollis, VP & Chief Global Analyst de Millward Brown and Corporate Exc ...

Entrevistas October 2014

Reputación & Riesgo Reputacional

Interview with Michele Tesoro Tess, Reputation Institute

Interview with Michele Tesoro, Reputation Institute, at the Workshop on Reputational Risk: ...

Entrevistas October 2014

Reputación & Riesgo Reputacional

Interview with Elena Koumentakis, Head of Reputation at Pirelli

Elena Koumentakis, Head of Reputation at Pirelli, explains us the Pirelli reputational ris ...


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