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MRM MRM: conversational design
Recommended 2020

Estudios & Informes June 2020

Asuntos Públicos

MRM: conversational design

We share MRM presentation, "Conversational design". They go deep on the speech ...

Deloitte Center for Financial Services 2017 Banking & Securities outlook
Recommended 2017

Estudios & Informes February 2017

Asuntos Públicos

2017 Banking & Securities outlook

Initial market reactions to the unexpected election outcome in the United States have indi ...

Christophe Guibeleguiet & Perrine Bouhana - GlobeScan Navigating Today's Complex World
Recommended 2016

Slides June 2016

Asuntos Públicos

Navigating Today's Complex World

The presentation «Navigating Today's Complex World. An Action-Focused Workshop f ...

Corporate Excellence & Political Intelligence Strategic Management of Public Affairs
Recommended 2015

Insights December 2015

Asuntos Públicos

Strategic Management of Public Affairs

Management of pubic affairs fosters reputation intelligence and offers more information so ...


Gender Diversity and Leadership

Asuntos Públicos July 2015

Insights July 2015

Asuntos Públicos

Gender Diversity and Leadership

Promoting multidimensional teams has a positive impact on business outcomes. Female presen ...

Insights April 2015

Asuntos Públicos

How to Implement a Strategy of Transparency

This technical note wasdeveloped by Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Lea ...


Insights April 2014

Asuntos Públicos

Company and Human Rights: Trends and Tools

This technical notewas developed by Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Lea ...

Resúmenes de libro April 2014

Asuntos Públicos

Building Conscious Capitalism by Inspiring People and Stakeholders

Profits for a company are like red blood cells for people, but are profits the only thing ...

Casos de buenas prácticas

Vestas and a new model of humanistic capitalism

April 2013

Casos de buenas prácticas April 2013

Asuntos Públicos

Vestas and a new model of humanistic capitalism

Does the need to manage reputation in companies play a part in bringing about change in th ...

Insights February 2013

Asuntos Públicos

How to respond to CSR demands improving organizations communication

Properly reflecting companies’ commitment with sustainable and ethical behaviour is ...

International Journal of Market Research Predecting elections. A "Wisdom of crowds" approach
Recommended 2013

Artículos February 2013

Asuntos Públicos

Predecting elections. A "Wisdom of crowds" approach

Opinion polls are the currency of politics. They are used by media organisations to evalua ...


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