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Our corporate website is developed on knowledge graph technology. This technology allows us to create a knowledge space that helps professionals update their know-how in intangible assets management. With it you will be able to discover the latest reports, summaries or strategic analyzes in the matter; as well as continue learning with our masterclasses, cases of good practices, conferences and workshops.

To enjoy all these resources, the platform has different subscription categories that allow users to obtain an specific level of access called Knowledge Center.

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  • Annual subscription to specialized and top quality content in the field of intangibles’ management
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Apart from other types of content that we share with the public openly, we also have specialized Knowledge Centres where professionals can access additional resources. Register now!

Knowledge Centre

Exclusive for members

A knowledge platform designed for professionals employed by companies which form part of Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership. Currently, more than 500 professionals are subscribed to this service.

Knowledge Centre


A knowledge platform specializing in intangibles for all those professionals, academics and students who want to expand their expertise in this field. Annual subscription to top quality content

Knowledge Centre

Academic Institutions

This platform was designed for University students who do their studies in the fields related to management of intangible assets and want to complement their resources with the ones available at the Knowledge Library of Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership.

Knowledge Centre


An open knowledge platform for Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership´s community