Corporate Excelence. Centre for Reputation Leadership

New think tank has been launched to promote corporate reputation

Largest Spanish companies have joined together to professionalize the brand and reputation management globally

The major Spanish Corporations have joined together to launch a centre of excellence named “Corporate Excellence - Centre for Reputation Leadership”, a think tank to promote corporate brand and reputation management as a strategic driver for business excellence. Across professionalism, mastery, innovation and the creation of knowledge networks, Corporate Excellence –Centre for Reputation Leadership will help companies to achieve excellence and to lead the defense and strengthening of the integrated management of their intangible assets through six key performance areas: reputation, brand, communication, public affairs, metrics and training.

Under the tagline: "leading by reputation", Corporate Excellence-Centre for Reputation Leadership aims to become a global point of reference of innovation, professionalism and technical and ethical rigor, focus on helping companies develop and manage their intangible assets, contribute to social development by raising the long-term consideration of corporate governance, and encourage a new relationship between corporations and social media.

Follows the launching presentation (streaming)

Our Mision

Corporate Excellence, a new think tank to professionalize management of intangible assets and contribute to the development of strong brands with good reputation and able to compete in to the global market.

Global dimension

Fifteen international gurus in brand management, communication and corporate reputation, welcome Corporate Excellence- Centre for Reputation Leadership.