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Corporate Excellence & Llorente & Cuenca Abril 2016


Balance de Expresiones Online - BEO 2016

5th issue of the Online Comments Report, developed by Corporate Excellence and LLORENTE & CUENCA. The Report analyses comments made voluntarily on the Internet as well as their impact on the dimensions that constitute corporate reputation: Products and Services, Innovation, Finance, Workplace, Citizenry and Leadership.

The Report contains a map of stakeholders that actively use the Internet and the networks that should be taken into account at the time of developing a strategy of positioning on the Internet: the real–time network Twitter, the social network Facebook, the multimedia network YouTube, and the hyper-textual network Google. It also identifies relevant content for different audiences and helps map key reputational risk areas for companies.

In particular, this issue has evaluated the digital fingerprint of 71 brands of 15 sectors from a total of 88,950 URLs and 28,000 mentions.

The report assesses the 100 first findings that analysed brands positioned in four key environments on the Internet: Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and offers specific findings by sectors dimensions, stakeholders and networks. Thus, the analysis allows identifying those sectors, topics, stakeholders and networks that are most and least favourable in terms of recognition (how it is evaluated) and recognition (how much it is evaluated). It also offers strategic insights to design positioning strategies online.

BEO 2016 has been already applied to more than 70 companies around the world and aims to become an international standard to manage the reputation of organisations online.