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MRM MRM: conversational design
Recommended 2020

Studies & Reports June 2020

Social Intelligence & Public Affairs

MRM: conversational design

We share MRM presentation, "Conversational design". They go deep on the speech ...

Corporate Excellence Learnings from ethics management in business
Recommended 2020

Top 10 February 2020

Responsible Business & Governance

Learnings from ethics management in business

This document summarizes the main lessons learned from the ethics conference organized by ...

Interview April 2019


Alberto Lopez-Valenzuela (Alva Group) talks about the Connecting Leader

Over the last twenty-five years, we have seen a dramatic shift in the balance of power fro ...

Corporate Excellence - Centre for Reputation Leadership & CANVAS Estrategias Sostenibles Approaching The Future 2018
Recommended 2018

Studies & Reports April 2018

Reputation & Reputational Risk

Approaching The Future 2018

Approaching The Future is an annual report on reputation and intangible assets, it identif ...

Interview February 2018

Reputation & Reputational Risk

Craig Carroll talks about corporate reputation

Interview with Craig Carroll where he explains the main insights of Corporate Reputation m ...

Interview November 2016

Responsible Business & Governance

Alessandra Oglino (RepRisk) explain to us the ASG risks management

Interview with Alessandra Oglino, Sales and Account Executive at RepRisk, where she explai ...

Interview October 2016

Responsible Business & Governance

Raúl Manjarín (RepRisk) talks us about the ASG risks

Interview with Raúl Manjarín, Manager Business Development at RepRisk, where ...

Interview May 2016


Roger Bolton (W. Page Society) talks about the role of the CCO

Interview with Roger Bolton (President, Arthur W. Page Society). He talks about the role o ...

Corporate Excellence & Political Intelligence Strategic Management of Public Affairs
Recommended 2015

Strategic Insights December 2015

Social Intelligence & Public Affairs

Strategic Management of Public Affairs

Management of pubic affairs fosters reputation intelligence and offers more information so ...

Enrique Carreras, Ángel Alloza & Ana Carreras Corporate Reputation: The Economy of Intangibles and Reputation
Recommended 2015

Articles November 2015

Reputation & Reputational Risk

Corporate Reputation: The Economy of Intangibles and Reputation

We are entering a new economic cycle that can be labelled “the economy of intangible ...


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