Intangibles Assets Trends Report 2016: Approaching the Future - Liderando la reputación corporativa de las empresas - Corporate Excellence
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Research Centre of Governance, Sustainability and Reputation Abril 2016

Reputación & Riesgos Reputacionales

Intangibles Assets Trends Report 2016: Approaching the Future

Trend Report on The Management of Intangible Assets developed by the Research Centre of Governance, Sustainability and Reputation, an independent research centre supported aimed to foster collaboration for reseach, analyis and training in the field of Reputation Risk, Corporate Governance and Sustainability.

This report has been developed in collaboration with Canvas Estrategias Sostenibles, a strategic consulting firm focused on corporate responsibility and intangible assets in companies. It shows the main global trends, which define the present and future of intangible assets. Approaching the Future aspires to become a benchmark publication in the field of reputation, corporate governance and sustainability.

These are the headlines of the report:

Global Trends

  • Trust increase, but also the social gap broadens.
  • Climate change at a crucial tipping point

Sustainability Trends

  • Strategic Partnerships: you can't do it alone
  • Connect with aspiring shoppers
  • Sustainable investment, growth formulas
  • New business models?

Reputation trends

  • Three critical reputation risks
  • What is the real impact of reputation?
  • Investment on Reputation growth
  • New responsibilities for upper management
  • Evolution of metrics
  • Gain authority over influencers