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Online Comments Report 2014

Digital economy, characterized by wide access to large volumes of information, immediacy of its circulation as well as ubiquity of online communications, is shaping a new informational ecosystem, where the power of supporters and detractors is multiplied. Democratization brought about by new technologies enables any individual to generate content and create their own communities and audiences.

This context implies important challenges for corporate reputation management, where reputation is understood as a set of collective evaluations that an organization evokes in its stakeholders and that are able to lead to value– generating behaviours. Thus brands may only be successful if they are able to participate in those networks that are interesting for their stakeholders and establish long–term relations, unleashing favourable behaviours. In this scenario, corporate communication is making a U–turn, and companies are likely to face a new challenge – brand journalism, a new way of communication brought about by the influence of the Internet and the proactive attitude assumed by stakeholders.

The present report summarizes the results of the 3rd issue and the previous year, and is a rigorous analysis of comments made voluntarily on the Internet as well as their impact by the dimensions that constitute corporate reputation: Products and Services, Innovation, Finance, Workplace, Citizenship, Leadership and Governance.

The report contains a map of stakeholders that actively use the Internet and the networks that should be taken into account at the time of developing a strategy of positioning on the Internet: the real–time network Twitter, the social network Facebook, the multimedia network YouTube, and the hypertextual network Google. The report identifies relevant content for different audiences and helps to map key reputational risk areas for companies.