Annual Meeting 2015: Corporate Excellence member companies are moving towards excellence in management of intangibles assets

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Annual Meeting 2015: Corporate Excellence member companies are moving towards excellence in management of intangibles assets

Ibercaja and Coca-Cola announce their incorporation to Corporate Excellence. With these new members, the Foundation now has 19 companies committed to the management of their intangible assets

One more year, Corporate Excellence has held its annual meeting for all the companies that form part of the Foundation to share the progress made in the management of intangible areas over the course of 2015 with the professionals of the reputation, communication, public affairs, metrics and brand areas in those companies. It has also been presented the annual report of activities and projects and the main initiatives to address in 2016.

In general, the balance has been very positive for 2015. During this period, Corporate Excellence has deployed30 activitiesincluding workshops, technical meetings, seminars and training programs, in which participated a total of 543 professionals; the satisfaction index reached the 85 %, and they had a grade of recommendation of 75, 4 %.

Agbar, Bankinter, BBVA, CaixaBank, Coca-Cola, Correos, Danone, DKV Seguros Medicos, El Corte Angles, Gas Natural Fenosa, Ibercaja, Iberdrola, MAPFRE, Popular, Renfe, Repsol, Santander, Telefonicaand Volkswagen Spain have understood that 80 per cent of their total value, on which their success and future depends, lies in its intangible assets and resources. For this same reason, they have been working all these years on the strategic role of the management of intangible assets, placing it within the key areas of their organizations, such as the financial, strategic, human resources or operations departments.

New additions

This initiative has over a decade of experience and keeps growing every year. This year, additionally, there is an added reason to celebrate: the incorporation of Ibercaja and Coca-Cola to the Foundation. Both Antonio Martinez, Chief Financial Officer at Ibercaja and Ana Gascon, Corporate Responsibility Manager at Coca-Cola, expressed their enthusiasm about working towards the management of intangible assets hand in hand with Corporate Excellence. With these new additions, the Foundation now has 19 members, including founding and business partners.

Major 2015 milestones

Corporate Excellence continues to address projects to progress in developing tools and management models. This year, special emphasis has given to the R+D+i projects launched by CE and its strategic allies, which have enabled new management models.   Prominent among these have been the model calledEmployee's responsibility on corporate reputation, fostered along with Alcor consultores, and the modelPositive calculation of the impact that companies have on the society regarding user experience, developed with EY.

Corporate Excellence's journey is based on sharing and learning from each other thanks to the collaboration between public and private sector and also between companies, as well as to the partnership with the academic sector. Trust, joint collaboration, open innovation and co-creation are the greatest strengths of this think-tank.The Foundation has established more than 70 partnerships so far and has a global network comprising more than 24 experts in its Advisory Board.

Among these partnerships, noteworthy is the formation of a newCollaboration Agreement with the Spanish Association of Directors of Communication, Dircom,to jointly launch an alignment and collaboration process thought to promote the strategic role of the CCO in the integral and integrated management of key intangible assets; a goal shared by both institutions.

Jaume Giro, President of the Foundation since January 2015 and General Director of Communication Criteria CaixaHolding, recalled at the meeting that Corporate Excellence's aspiration is that "all organizations improve society through an excellent management of their intangible assets". These 19 companies have proved one more year to be moving towards an excellent and integrated management of key intangible assets. Giro stressed that "if approximately two thirds of the total value is determined by intangible assets, we must learn how to manage value creation levers, which will determine and guarantee the success of our organizations in the future".

Co-creating the future of the management of intangible assets

"Co-creating the future" has been the leitmotiv of the Annual Meeting of Corporate Excellence held at the headquarters of Bakinter where also Maria Parames, People and Corporate Communication Manager at Bankinter, participated in the welcoming ceremony.

All the participants have emphasized that it is essential to know the context where we are. Identify the main social trends is the only possible way to create projects that are both profitable and sustainable in the long term.  To explore the issue further, Juan de los Angeles, President of C4E Communication for Effectiveness, and Xavier Oliver, member of CE's Advisory Board and Professor at IESE Business School, have also shared their views on the subject. There were also explained what emerging trends are configuring new behavior models so everyone can identify and anticipate important topics for business management.