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CORPORATE EXCELLENCE - CENTRE FOR REPUTATION LEADERSHIP is a non-profit foundation, although we prefer to call ourselves a think tank, a laboratory of ideas and applied knowledge, created to promote professionalism in the area of managing key intangible assets such as reputation, brand, communication, public affairs, relations with stakeholders, sustainability, corporate responsibility, good governance, innovation and talent. We use advanced metrics to evaluate these assets’ impact on business as well as risk exposure.

We have a common dream: sharing knowledge and continuous learning on the management and measurement of these key intangibles with the aim that professionals in this field contribute to create more committed, more responsible and more authentic organizations that work to build a better world.

For more information about who we are, what we do and what drives us, please download our purpose statement in the PDF format.

Our history

CORPORATE EXCELLENCE - CENTRE FOR REPUTATION LEADERSHIP was created as the result of a merger of the Corporate Reputation Forum (established in 2002) and the Institute for Intangibles’ Analysis (established in 2004). We therefore have a fifteen years’ experience of research in the area of intangibles’ management.

Dedicated to our vision that MANAGEMENT OF INTAGIBLE ASSETS TRANSFORMS COMPANIES INTO EXCELLENT ORGANIZATIONS, members of the foundation share the corporate slogan «Leading by Reputation», which addresses the challenges of the new economic cycle, where companies compete to achieve trust and recognition of their stakeholders.

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