Essential course. Corporate Reputation Management - Leading by reputation - Corporate Excellence
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Reputation & Reputational Risks

Academy December 2024

Essential course. Corporate Reputation Management

--- This course is conducted in Spanish ---

Corporate reputation has become the most relevant asset for generating legitimacy and sustained value over time. Therefore, companies that do not manage their reputation wisely are losing both opportunities and competitive advantage. In this new paradigm, it is key to have professional profiles prepared to face a well-structured dialogue with all stakeholders.

The Essential Course in Corporate Reputation Management is aimed at professionals who need to acquire and/or expand their theory and practical knowledge (in spanish) of corporate reputation and its strategic and integrated management. The program offers a global perspective and solid foundations to successfully address this function, meant to lead the transformation of organizations.

It is an online program in video format and only available in Spanish that consists of 9 one-hour modules, taught by a faculty of the highest level. All participants will receive a certificate endorsed by the Reputation Institute and Corporate Excellence - Centre for Reputation Leadership.