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The Innovation in Metrics Congress (CIM in Spanish) is a space where main organizations and experts meet up in order to discuss the latest trends in measurement models and strategic organizational intangible management.

Join us! Check out the content and boost your skills in an area that is now required more than ever by organizations.

IMC 2022
September 26-27-28

2022 Congress sponsors


All people and organizations with special access for supporting the foundation are able to access the 2020 Innovation in Metrics Congress whenever they want to. If you are part of them, you can check them out below. The contents are, for now, only available in Spanish:

*Please remember that these are exclusive content, you will need to log in to your personal account to access them. If you have not registered sign up and we will give you access after checking your information. If you still have trouble signing up do no hesitate to contact us.

2017 edition Check out the content and materials