Corporate Excellence is a non-profit think tank created to promote professionalism in intangible assets’ management.

Our aim is to help organizations improve the world through an excellent management of intangible assets.

Activity Areas
  • Reputation and reputational risk
  • Purpose, alignment and corporate brand
  • Communication
  • Social Intelligence and Public Affairs
  • Responsable Business and Governance
  • Advanced metrics
  • Learning & Publishing

Corporate reputation is one of the most relevant non-financial indicators in corporate management and one of the most valuable assets. Reputational risk, along with risks associated with the corporate brand, may have a direct impact on a company’s business, and is therefore considered among the most important risks that must be controlled.

Reputation draws on excellent management of the most relevant dimensions of corporate behaviour: financial performance, innovation, citizenship, work, leadership, ethics and quality of products and services.

One of the most important tools for managing corporate brand and reputation is communication. Communication helps to influence opinions and attitudes of different stakeholders and unleash favourable behaviours towards the organization.

Communication exposes the value contained by organizations and develops narratives to uphold their tangible and intangible capital. Experts argue that it is one dimension of corporate management that allows a company to coordinate all communications aiming to build and maintain a positive reputation in the eyes of the stakeholders.

Talent is the human capital managed by an organization, or individual value of its employees. The economy of intangibles makes organizations be more aware of the fundamental role played by the employees as the brand ambassadors.

That’s why it is important to develop engagement and involvement strategies, communicating and promoting the values defended by the organization. It helps to attract people who have an adequate capacity and share the purpose of the organization, making the business project meaningful.

Management of public affairs is becoming increasingly relevant in corporate practice as a way to ensure operating licenses and obtain social legitimization. Being social actors, organizations should know and manage global issues of general interest and those related to the key trends that affect societies in which they operate, thus obtaining support of their stakeholders.

Social responsibility is an essential condition for operating on the markets of the 21st century. CSR, sustainability and corporate governance are crucial elements for generating trust, obtaining social legitimization, and making projects viable.

Corporate responsibility introduces a new perspective, helping companies to look beyond economic profit or loss and consider social implications of their activity.

Corporate brand, together with reputation, should be consolidated as one of the most promising resources for corporate management. It is believed to be one of the most important strategic assets and the cornerstone of any business project. Corporate brand is defined as the organization’s identity: who you are and why you exist.

Defining one’s identity and corporate purpose is the first step in the road map for strategic management of intangible assets. Members of Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership believe that a corporate brand expresses the vision and purpose of an organization. Brand is the platform that helps to activate and implement them by putting corporate values into practice.

One of the great challenges faced by managers of intangible assets is demonstrating their contribution to business and establishing adequate indicators that may be combined with financial indicators used in companies’ scorecards.

Including these non-financial indicators in the scorecards may help the top management to make better strategic decisions and be alerted not only to the performance in the past, but also to the long-term impact of their decisions and perception by the key stakeholders – the aspects that may define the company’s future.

Environment, trends and even our needs and expectations are changing and evolving at breakneck speed, urging us to upgrade our competences continuously.

Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership believes in ongoing learning. That’s why we developed a wide array of educational resources in the area of intangible assets’ management, under the umbrella of the Reputation Leadership Academy. We believe that education is key to competitiveness and differentiation and that companies are in constant search for talented personnel.

We consider creating a new profession and a new way of doing business as our task and the task of everyone.


Ángel Alloza


Saida garcía

Stakeholder Engagement Senior Manager

Clara Fontán

Intelligence & Knowledge Senior Manager

Augusto Leiva

Brand Manager & Controller

Marta García

Intelligence & Knowledge Area

Diana Barbery

Stakeholder Engagement Area

Marina Tiscar

Intelligence & Knowledge Area

Idoia Cruchaga

Intelligence & Knowledge Area

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Governing Bodies



Eduardo Navarro

Chief Strategy and Corporate Affairs Officer

Vice Chair


María Luisa Martínez Gistau

Executive Director of Communication, Institutional Relations, Brand and CSR

General Secretary


Ángel Alloza


Ecosystem of Knowledge

We have a collaborative ecosystem of advanced knowledge reinforced by collaboration and co-creation alliances that has allowed us to progress in the field of intangibles, consolidate concepts, management models and indicators.

Scientific Board

Luis Abril

Expert on intangibles

Juan José Almagro

Former General Director

Alberto Andreu

Associate Professor
Navarra University

Paul Argenti

Lecturer on Corporate Communication
Tuck School of Business

Marijke Baumann

of Corporate Communication Centre & Executive MSC in Corporate Communication

Juan Benavides

Complutense University of Madrid

Roger Bolton

Arthur W. Page Society

Andrea Bonime-Blanc

CEO and Founder
GEC Risk Advisory

Jorge Cachinero

Global Advocacy & Government Relations

Enrique Carreras

Academic CEU
San Pablo

Craig Carroll

PhD Professor Visiting Scholar &
Adjunt Professor

Ana Casado

Malaga University

Joan Costa

Communicologist and Scholar
Iberoamericana University of México

Macarena Estevez

CEO and Founding Partner

Charles Fombrun

Reputation Institute

Anne Gregory

Huddersfield University

Oriol Iglesias


Nicholas Ind

Professor EUR, Stockholm University & Copenhagen Business School

Antonio López

Honourable President DIRCOM
Association of Communication Directors

Mariano Maqueda

Founding Partner
Punto de Fuga

Juan Manuel Mora

Vice Rector for Communication
Navarra University

Juan Díez Nicolás

President and Founder

Xavier Oliver


José Ignacio Peláez

Director of the Department of Intangibles Metrics and Management

Italo Pizzolante

Founding Partner

Josep Santacreu

DKV España

Majken Schultz

Professor of Communication
Copenhagen Business School

Terry Tyrrell

The Brand Union

Cees Van Riel

Director of the Reputation Forum Netherlands
Academic at RSM Erasmus University Rotterdam

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