The Annual Corporate Excellence Conference is the annual encounter where we bring together our entire knowledge ecosystem: patron companies, collaborators, supporters, innovation and knowledge network, scientific committee and all kinds of professionals, experts or interested in the excellent management of intangibles such as reputation, communication...

Discover our most important event of the year!


2021 has been a turbulent year of great challenges for all organizations globally. But it has also been a year to celebrate at Corporate Excellence - Center for Reputation Leadership, because we have had the honor of celebrating 10 years as a foundation and almost 25 of professional trajectory in reputation management and intangibles.


How to make tangible the impact of the brand, the purpose, the sustainability ... in the business? How to value the work of professionals? How to upload it to the scorecard? How to manage intangibles in an excellent way? How do you end up with a good corporate reputation? How have we advanced these 10 years in each of these areas?


  • Welcome and opening of the Conference
    • Master of Ceremony Ángel Alloza, CEO of Corporate Excellence - Center for Reputation Leadership
    • Eduardo NavarroPresident of Corporate Excellence and Director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability at TELEFÓNICA
    • María Luisa Martínez GistauVice President of Corporate Excellence - Center for Reputation Leadership and Director of Communication and Institutional Relations at CAIXABANK

  • Dialogue table 1: Corporate Purpose
    • Luis Gómez, Chairman Senior Advisory, IBERDROLA (moderador)
    • María Campo Bernal, Director of Brand, Reputation, and Sustainability, IBERCAJA
    • Miguel García Lamigueiro, Deputy director general of communication and responsible business DKV SEGUROS
    • Maria Luisa de La Peña Garcia-Franco, Head of Corporate Marketing and Brand, NATURGY

  • Dialogue table 2: Corporate Brand
    • Rafael Fernández de Alarcón, Director of Brand and Sponsorship, TELEFÓNICA (moderador)
    • Enrique Arribas, Director of Corporate Marketing and Brand,, BANCO SANTANDER
    • Federico Segarra, Director of Communication, DAMM
    • Daniel Brener, Director of Transmedia Content, CAIXABANK

  • Dialogue table 3: ESG and Responsible Business
    • Antoni Ballabriga, Global Head of Responsible Business, BBVA (moderador)
    • Fátima Rojas, Corporate Director of Sustainability and Studies,GRUPO RED ELÉCTRICA ESPAÑA
    • Susana Posada, Head of Institutional Communication and CSR, LEROY MERLIN
    • José González, Senior Director Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, CMI MULTI INVERSIONES
    • Denisse Blanca Amores, Social Impact Manager. Asuntos Corporativos y ERM Central, CEMEX

  • Dialogue table 4: Communication and Reputation
    • Miguel López–Quesada, Corporate Director of Communication, Marketing and Institutional Relations, GESTAMP(moderador)
    • Luisa Alli, Director of CommunicationIKEA
    • José Guerra, Director de Comunicación y Reputación, SUEZ
    • Josep Maria Mirmi, Manager of Institutional Relations and Corporate Reputation, ABERTIS
    • Enrique Rodríguez, Director of External Communication, CEPSA

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