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Book summaries July 2016

Brands with a Conscience

Document prepared by Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership, and among other sources, contains references to the book Brands with a Conscience coordinated by Nicholas Ind, Associate Lecturer at Oslo Business School, and Sandra Horlings, a consultant specialising in Brand and Circular Economy; written by members of The Medinge Research Group a Swedish-based global think-tank on branding and published by Kogan Page in 2016.

Brands with a Consciencedissects the philosophies underpinning sustainable brands to arrive at a set of eight clear guiding attributes which can be used as the foundation of a strategy for responsible growth. They are then used as the criteria to assess some relevant case studies, which include Slow Food Movement, H&M, Tata, Cosentino, Adidas, John Lewis, Unilever or Merci Paris, amongst other leading international brands.