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Corporate Excellence and Llorente & Cuenca Present The Analysis of Online Comments

Reputation & Reputational Risks

Corporate Excellence and Llorente & Cuenca Present The Analysis of Online Comments

The pilot issue of The Analysis of Online Comments (BEO) designed for analysing comments about organisations made on the web and estimating their impact on corporate reputation is the fruit of cooperation between Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership and R+D Llorente & Cuenca, The Centre for Ideas, Analysis and Trends at Llorente & Cuenca.

The study identifies the main opportunities and reputational risk areas for a company, sector, dimension, stakeholder or online platform. More specifically, it sets forth results of an analysis of 32,000 URLs, 15,200 references, 41 brands and 11 sectors at such online platforms as the real-time network Twitter, social network Facebook, multimedia network Youtube and hypertextual network Google. 

The Analysis is a biannual study aimed at in-depth investigation of numerous opinions and spontaneous comments made about a brand by its stakeholders as well as its relation with the dimensions that constitute corporate reputation in accordance with the RepTrak™ model suggested by the Reputation Institute and developed jointly with the Forum for Corporate Reputation – the model that became one of the global standards for measuring corporate reputation.

According to Adolfo Corujo, Partner and Director for Online Communication at Llorente & Cuenca, the study allows an organisation to identify the trends and anticipate their reputational impact. The idea is to find a relationship between the information published on the Internet and the reputation index Reptrak Pulse in order to incorporate these insights in the company’s strategy. Ivan Pino, Director for Communication at Llorente & Cuenca believes that companies still have a long way to go in order to build dialogue with their clients and adapt their contents to the hypertextual environment. Pino goes on to say that the results of the study show that Marketing and Communication departments of companies pay a lot of attention to the social network Facebook and post audio and video content on Youtube. However, the lowest evaluation scores have been observed in the hypertextual resources: blogs, forums, websites, news portals and other web formats. 

The conclusion is that the variables used in The Analysis of Online Comments(awareness and recognition) enable companies to estimate their positions on the Internet. It is important because today favourable positioning in the online environment with 2,000 mn interconnected users is key for improving reputation of companies.