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Corporate Excellence, new member of the Global Alliance board


Corporate Excellence, new member of the Global Alliance board

The Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management's 17th Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday 6 April in São Paulo, Brazil. The Chairman José Manuel Velasco presented and hosted the selection of the members that will form the board of the association the next two years.

The incoming board includes leading professionals, academics and industry association leaders as Ángel Alloza Losana, CEO of Corporate Excellence - Centre for Reputation Leadership. Below the complete list of the selected members for the board 2019-21:

Main Board Members

  • President: Justin Green, PRII - Public Relations Institute of Ireland
  • Inmediate Past- President: José Manuel Velasco, Dircom - Communication Directors
  • Treasurer: Joe Truncale, PRSA – Public Relations Society of America
  • Secretary: Fiona Cassidy, PRINZ - Public Relations Institute of New Zealand 

Delegate-at-Large (Academic/ Research): Ángel Alloza, Corporate Excellence - Centre for Reputation Leadership


  • Alastair McCapra, CIPR - Chartered Institute of Public Relations 
  • Sarah Hanel, CPRS - Canadian Public Relations Society
  • Hamilton dos Santos, ABERJE - Brazilian Association for Business Communication
  • Prita Kemal Gani, APRN - Asean Public Relations Network 
  • Paula Portugal Mendes, APCE - Portuguese Association of Corporate Communications

Delegate: Jane Gitau, APRA – African Public Relations Association

Regional Delegates-at-Large

  • North- America: Dr. Marcia DiStaso, UFL - University of Florida
  • Latin America: Dr. Amybel Sánchez de Walther, USMP – San Martin de Porres University
  • Asia: Candy Hernandez, LSPR – London School of Public Relations 
  • Africa: Dr. Rotimi Oladele, NIPR – Nigerian Institute of Public Relations 
  • India-Middle East: Amith Prabhu, The Promise Foundation

The role of Corporate Excellence - Centre for Reputation Leadership in the Global Alliance will stand out for leading the project "The Global Communication Model" in which we will advance, as their knowledge partners, towards the identification of the keys of the new corporate communication model, updating and revitalizing The Melbourne Mandate:

In 2012, the traditional communication model did not respond to the challenges of the new digital era. That is why The Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management adopted The Melbourne Mandate, a research-based vision of the communicative organization and the emerging role and value of public relations and communication management. While The Melbourne Mandate remains both relevant and aspirational, the increasing value of intangible assets in companies and the consolidation of the “reputation economy”, create a need and opportunity to review and renew it, with a holistic view to making it a durable, sustainable and global consensus-based expression of what is the future of communication and intangible assets management.

"The Global Communication Model" will be presented in 2020 at the World Public Relation Forum to be held in Auckland, New Zealand. Meanwhile, you can check more information about the Global Alliance Annual General Meeting by clicking here.