Expert Groups Are Formed by Corporate Excellence - Liderando la reputación corporativa de las empresas - Corporate
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Expert Groups Are Formed by Corporate Excellence


Expert Groups Are Formed by Corporate Excellence

23/11/2011 Expert groups have been formed to deepen research supported by Corporate Excellence and promote participation and knowledge sharing. A working group has been set up for each activity line: reputation, brand, communication, public affairs, metrics and training. The work of these expert groups is organised according to the sections of the Programme of Activities:

  • Reputation: Reputational Risk, Reputation Online, Country Reputation, Role and Functions of the Chief Reputation Officer.
  • Brand: Product Brand/Corporate Brand, Brand Engagement, Brand and Innovation, Financial Evaluation of the Brand
  • Communication: Future of the Communication Media, Innovation and Communication, New Formats, New Content, Social Networks, Internal Communication
  • Public Affairs: Identification and Management of Relevant Issues, Management of Stakeholders, CSR as a Driver of the Reputation
  • Metrics: RepTrak, Managerial Team for Intangibles, Long-Term Indicators, Methodology for Measuring Intangibles.