Global Alliance Board Meeting & PRSA’s 2019 International Conference

18 of octubre of 2019. 8:30 - 16:30

San Diego


The Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communications Management is the confederation of the main associations and institutions of communications and public relations management in the world, representing 280,000 professionals and academics around the world. It is a non-profit organization based in Switzerland.

The mission is to unify the public relations profession, raise professional professionals worldwide, share knowledge for the benefit of its members and be the global voice for public relations in the public interest.

The Global Alliance relies on the efforts of communication professionals to address common problems with a global perspective. By partnering with regional, national and international organizations to increase professionalism in public relations and communication management, this alliance works to improve the collaborative professionalism of the industry among its constituents worldwide. If you want to know more, click on this link.

On the other hand, we also celebrate the International PRSA Conference that this year is committed to the leading minds in public relations, communication and marketing. The PRSA International Conference in San Diego highlights the intersection of technology and the media, and leads the competition by providing unmatched information, strategies and tools for new trends that impact the industry, essential to your professional success.

This year's Conference will expand its network with powerful connections and improve its skill set with the latest best practices. In this link we provide you with the direct link for the conference registration, together with the program to be carried out.

In addition, we have more information on April 6 where the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communications Management held its 17th annual meeting in São Paulo, Brazil and where Corporate Excellence for a member of the board of directors.

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San Diego

San Diego




18 of octubre of 2019

8:30 - 16:30

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