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Paul A. Argenti (Tuck School of Business at Darmouth) talks about his book «Strategic Communication and Its Contribution to Reputation»

Paul A. Argenti, professor of Corporate Communication Tuck School of Business at Darmouth and CE Advisory Board, explains us the importance of strategic communication and its contribution to corporate reputation.

The strategic function of corporate communication as well as the urge to find its right place within the organizational structure at the same level as other key corporate areas such as finance, strategy, human resource or operations, is an unstoppable trend. This is because all companies in the 21st century need to manage their intangible assets and resources in an excellent and integrated way in order to achieve success and continuity both in terms of brand and corporate reputation. Paul A. Argenti talks about the last book of Corporate Excellence Series, Strategic Communication and Its Contribution to Reputation. The book is a practical guide designed to help organizations implement advanced communications strategies which will differentiate them from competitors and through a good reputation build strong relations with customers, employees, investors and the society in general. In order to illustrate this point, the book uses the cases of Abertis, Agbar, Banco Santander, Bankinter, BBVA, CaixaBank, Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership, Correos, Danone, DKV Seguros Médicos, Ferrovial, Gas Natural Fenosa, Iberdrola, MAPFRE, REPSOL and Telefónica. 

A great contribution of this book is its review of major Spanish companies’ success stories which allow the reader to apply the knowledge and expertise provided by Paul A. Argenti to his or her own organization.