Superunion joins Corporate Excellence- Center for Reputation Leadership’s Foundation as a Supporter Consultant - Liderando la reputación corporativa de las empresas - Corporate
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Superunion joins Corporate Excellence- Center for Reputation Leadership’s Foundation as a Supporter Consultant


Superunion joins Corporate Excellence- Center for Reputation Leadership’s Foundation as a Supporter Consultant

  • The adhesion of WPP’s global branding consultant will contribute to promoting innovation and knowledge in the field of brands and corporate purposes.

Madrid, January 25, 2022. WPP’s global branding consultant Superunion –which specializes in brand creation, activation and optimization– has strengthened its cooperation with the foundation, Corporate Excellence - Center for Reputation Leadership by joining its group of consultants as a Supporter in 2022.

Superunion and Corporate Excellence have been working as strategic innovation and knowledge partners for years. Among the projects they have developed together, the creation of The Corporate Purpose Roadmap® model stands out as a tool to help organizations create, implement, and activate unique and differentiating corporate purposes.

Superunion’s collaboration as a ‘Supporter Consultant' contributes to reinforcing the Foundation’s purpose, which promotes a business movement targeted at organizations that seek to be relevant to society and achieve excellence by remaining committed, responsible and authentic and striving for excellence in the management of its resources and intangible assets, i.e., brand, reputation, purpose, sustainability, and communications. The Foundation’s group of ‘Supporter Consultants’ currently includes Lift Consulting, On Strategy, RepTrak and Superunion.

The timing of Superunion’s arrival could not be more appropriate, as the Foundation’s purpose becomes a strategic priority for managers and investors around the world as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Generation of trust, long-lasting differentiation, connection and positive endorsement on a large scale, as well as the generation of valuable business resources require building a brand platform based on corporate purposes that respond to business strategies. Many organizations have a purpose, but in order to make it truly different and genuine, a thorough and proven methodology is necessary, followed by a clear definition, activation and implementation of such purpose. Hence, the relevance of this model.

"The collaboration and generosity of companies such as Superunion allows Corporate Excellence to continue advancing at an accelerated rate in business transformation through excellent management of reputation, brand, and sustainability," explains Ángel Alloza, CEO of Corporate Excellence - Center for Reputation Leadership. On the other hand, Superunion’s CEO, Pilar Domingo, points out that "at Superunion, we share the same commitment with Corporate Excellence to help create stronger and more relevant companies, so the opportunity to collaborate with this magnificent team and this exceptional organization is a true honor.”



About Superunion: Global brand consultant of the WPP group specialized in the creation, activation and optimization of brands. Bringing forth a unique combination of skills to put strategy and creativity at the service of business objectives. It has a network of 750 people in 17 countries and has worked with iconic brands such as NASA, Microsoft, Intel, Tencent, Ericsson, Alibaba, Bank of America, Coca-Cola, HSBC, Colgate, Heineken, Ford, FIFA, Nestlé, BBC , BBVA, Cepsa, WiZink and Iberia.