Top 15. Approaching the Future 2020 - Liderando la reputación corporativa de las empresas - Corporate
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Reputation & Reputational Risks

Top 10 May 2020

Top 15. Approaching the Future 2020

This document summarizes in a visual way the 15 main learnings from Approaching The Future 2020, an annual report on trends in reputation and management of intangibles that we prepared together with CANVAS Sustainable Strategies. You can consult the full report here.

This edition is very special; Approaching the Future celebrates 5 years of tireless reading of the context and monitoring the pulse and vision of the experts. In this edition, 300 professionals have given us their opinion on the most relevant trends that impact the business landscape. The report introduces, in turn, the perspective of society through the analysis of the conversations that take place in the online environment based on the application of artificial intelligence tools of the Chair of Metrics and Intangible Management of the University of Málaga (UMA), and the integration of the sociological analysis by means of the qualitative and quantitative studies of Punto de Fuga.