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The strategic intangibles have become more than half the total value of the main business. Resources and business assets linked to perception, emotion, affinity and engagement as reputation, brand, communication, sostenibility, public affairs, ...

Faithful to the idea that intangible management transform business en excellent organizations, the companies that shape this foundation share the motto «Leading by Reputation», which answers to the challenges of the new economic cycle where organizations compete to win trust and the recognition of the interest groups they are related to.

Economy of Intangibles

The purpose of Corporate Excellence is based on the business reality of the new economic cycle in which we are immersed and which we can call the "reputation and intangibles economy" or the "economy of knowledge".

Traditionally, when economists measured investment, they measured physical assets, plants, and machinery. However, with the arrival of the internet in the nineties, they began to see that other types of assets were gaining weight and value in organizations. The results of research and development (R&D), ideas, patents, brands or the talent of workers are examples of these intangibles. Therefore, the valuation of these assets should be incorporated into economic growth models.

Time has shown that companies that base their production on intangible assets tend to actively listen to their audiences, maximizing synergies, creating opportunities to learn from the ideas of others, and retaining better talent. This helps them to grow in the market and to obtain long-term sustainable growth; generating, in turn, a positive impact on the communities in which they impact.

Discover the process of creating value through the management of intangibles:

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