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Reputation & Reputational Risks

Top 10 November 2021

2021 Annual Conference summary illustration

Illustration made live by Marina Marisma during the 2021 Annual Conference: 10 years making the intangible tangible. Event celebrating the tenth anniversary of the foundation, despite having almost 20 years of history since the birth of the Corporate Reputation Forum (2002) and the Institute of Intangibles Analysis (2004); organization from whose merger arose what we know today as Corporate Excellence - Center For Reputation Leadership.

The conference was opened by the CEO (Ángel Alloza Lozana), president (Eduardo Navarro, also Director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability at TELEFÓNICA) and the vice president (María Luisa Martínez Gistau, Director of Communication and Institutional Relations of CAIXABANK) of Corporate Excellence. Four dialogue tables were also held with professionals, experts and managers of intangibles in our companies:

  • Corporate Purpose: Iberdrola, Ibercaja, DKV Seguros and Naturgy participate
  • Corporate Brand: Telefónica, Banco Santander, Damm and CaixaBank participate
  • ESG and Responsible Business: BBVA, Red Eléctrica Group, Leroy Merlín, CMI Multi Inversiones and CEMEX participate
  • Communication and Reputation: Gestamp, Ikea, Agbar, Abertis and Cepsa participate