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Alumni network

The Alumni Network of the Reputation Leadership Academy provides former students of our education programme with a permanent link to the Foundation and its leading experts. They include lecturers, groupmates and all other former students who attended the Reputation Leadership Academy.

Advantages of this alumni network are achieved through the active network of professionals, facilitating progress of their careers and projects in the field of intangible assets.

In addition, alumni of The Global CCO executive program will have access to an exclusive Chiff Communications Officer club.


To become a member of the Alumni Network, a potential candidate must join any educational programme offered by the Reputation Leadership Academy.

Membership in the Alumni Network is permanent and free. After joining a course, candidates only need to register.



One of the Alumni Network’s key objectives is interconnecting the professionals that share Corporate Excellence’s vision. Alumni can use our events and The Global CCO page in LinkedIn to keep in touch, share knowledge and experience, have access to relevant information and boost their professional career. They use Who Is Who section of our platform accessible only to Alumni.

Alumni Network Platform

The alumni network is equipped with a knowledge platform specializing in intangibles’ management, with a free and exclusive access to the section of relevant materials for intangibles’ management.

Special discounts

15% discount on all services, courses, trainings and activities held by Corporate Excellence.


The Alumni Network of Reputation Leadership Academy holds activities which help its members to pursue their goals and create a network of contacts with fellow students. Our aim is to manage a compact and motivated group, an integral part of Corporate Excellence, involved in our multiple activities.

Annual meeting of Reputation Leadership Academy Alumni

This annual event is held exclusively for our alumni and gives them an opportunity to meet up and share advances and updates over the year. We bring along speakers who contribute new ideas in the fields of innovation, best practice and professional development, which then may be discussed during the networking session.

A cycle of meetings: Sharing Best Practices

A cycle of regular meetings in the format of business breakfast, where the network members can interact, talk and prepare questions to the CCOs or Communications Directors of relevant companies. Each meeting is followed up by a report with key conclusions, shared with the entire alumni network.

Cooperation with Corporate Excellence publications and initiatives

Corporate Excellence provides its alumni with the possibility to participate in publications, articles and the corporate blog to spread best practices, methodologies and content related to intangibles’ management. Besides, members of the Alumni Network can use Corporate Excellence as a platform to participate in different initiatives and projects carried out by the Foundation.