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Best practice cases February 2011

Cases. Zara: Managing chain of value and driving CSR with consumers

The fast fashion Spanish company Zara and its Inditex Group has become a milestone after revolutionizing its sector and has succeeded in becoming one of the few brands in the country which stands among the best in class in the world but, is it a responsible brand, has it been a pioneer in the control of the supply chain or in the establishment of an ecological label?

There are several consumer trends in recent years which are especially infl uencing in a special manner the relationship that companies establish with their stakeholders, especially with their consumers and clients:

  • Convergence of middle class: exponential population growth and narrowing of social classes.
  • Low cost/free era: price is a key competitive factor. 
  • Changes in behavior: adolescents are those who do not work yet, although they are more than 25 or 30 years old.
  • Sustainability: different use of natural, human, social, fi nancial and productive resources. 

Document prepared by Corporate Excellence - Centre for Reputation Leadership with reference to, among other sources, the intervention of Jose Luis Nueno (professor in the Marketing Department at IESE) during the sessions of the Executive Education Program “Making Social Responsibility Work: The Cornerstone of Sustainable Business” organized by the IESE Business School in Barcelona in July 2011.