Chief Communications Officer in the new ‘reputation economy’ - Liderando la reputación corporativa de las empresas - Corporate
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Insights July 2012

Chief Communications Officer in the new ‘reputation economy’

Today's environment requires the company's consistent and rigurous management of its corporate reputation. The new figure of Chief Communications Officer emerges as responsible for cementing the strong and lasting relationships with the stakeholders.

In the past, companies used to operate on an economy where the quality products and services were the most important thing for consumers. However, this has changed. Recently published by RepTrak™ Global Pulse 2011, results suggest that 60% of purchasing decisions are based on the perception of the company over the product characteristics. Consumers want to know what is behind the products and the services that they consume. All stakeholders have become aware that the behavior of enterprises has implications that go beyond their mere daily activities.

Document prepared for Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership quoting, among other sources, the interventions of Anthony Johndrow, Managing Director RI US, Partner and Kasper Nielsen, Managing Partner of RI Responsible for North America in the fifteenth International Conference on corporate reputation, brand, identity and competitiveness held in New Orleans, May 2011.