Propósito, Alineamiento & Marca Corporativa

Resúmenes de libro January 2014

Co-creation builds stronger bonds between brands and stakeholders by talking and collaborating with them

Nowadays, brands are managed and defined by people much more than by organizations themselves: employees shape how brands are seen and clients support or attack brands according to their personal experience. Therefore, reputation depends on the interaction between the two of them.

There is a new way of connecting brands and stakeholders; the relationships is changing: what is searched today is the “engagement”. Brands cannot longer bombard with advertising on newspapers, radio or television. Now, brands need to talk, dialogue and collaborate with their clients and other stakeholders if they really want to success. 

This document was prepared by Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership and contains references to the book Brand Together by Nicholas Ind, published by Kogan Page in 2012.