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Insights December 2015

Communicate Innovation and Innovate in Communication

Nowadays, innovation needs to be an integral part of any organization willing to operate in the current market. Thus, companies need to develop innovation strategies in general and communication strategies in particular to successfully adapt to the needs of key stakeholders.

To be unique and have a profitable business, firms need to be creative and innovative. This document explains some of the methodologies applied to achieve it, such as Design Thinking, Insight Led InnovationorLean StartUp.

Channels to reach the target audiences have changed and hence platforms and relationships with stakeholders have been transformed as well.

This insight includes principles that are key to place innovation at the service of communication.

Document developed by Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership, quoting, among other sources, Fernando Polo, chief executive at Territorio Creativo, Mildred Laya, senior marketing manager at Salesforce Iberia, during the seminar Innovación y Comunicación (Innovation and Communication) held by Dircom in Madrid, April 26th 2015.