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Corporate Excellence and LID Editorial launch "Corporate Reputation"

Reputation & Reputational Risks

Corporate Excellence and LID Editorial launch "Corporate Reputation"

Barcelona, June 6, 2013. The Spanish Think Tank Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership and LID Editorial launch the second book of the Corporate Excellence SeriesCorporate Reputation at the 17th Annual Global Conference on Corporate Reputation.

Corporate Reputation takes us to the psychosocial phenomenon of corporate reputation. It goes through the history of the corporate reputation concept and consolidates its scientific character thanks to metrics and management models.

The book gathers research studies and scientific research on the subject analyzed from three different perspectives: financial, psychological and sociological views thanks to the three specialy fields of the authors: Ángel Alloza (psychologist), Enrique Carreras (sociologist) and Ana Carreras (economist).

Charles Fombrun has written the foreword, Fombrun is one of the main referent experts regarding intangible assets management. The book will represent an important contribution for intangible assets managers.

The book launch has taken place at the International Conference of Reputation Institute. Corporate Reputation is available in Spanish and English and you can buy it online through at the main book stores from June 10 on.

You can also download the first chapter.