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Insights October 2014

Corporate Social Responsibility: It Works, and It Is Highly Profitable

Is CSR just a beautiful social dream in the world of business ruled by numbers? Or is it a way to whitewash one’s image used by some business to proceed with their activities? None of the two: it is a way to achieve economic value by creating social value.

Spanish companies, such as Agbar, CaixaBank or Telefónica, as well as other companies operating in Spain, such as Danone, Coca-Cola or Unilever, have launched several social projects in the last few yearsthat contribute to achieving equilibrium between financial and social dividends.

This document was prepared by Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership and among other references contains quotes from The Global CSR Study 2013 by Cone Communications and Echo Research, the book Good Works by Philip Kotler, as well as statements by José Litrán, Director for Corporate Relations, Coca-Cola Spain; Xavier Carbonell, Director for CSR, Mango; Antoni Ballabriga, Global Director for Corporate Responsibility and Reputation, BBVA; Joaquín Garralda, Dean of Academic Affairs, IE Business School; Ángel Fraile, Responsible for the Area of Sustainable Development, Endesa; Ignasi Fainé, Director for Communication and Responsibility, Agbar; Esther Sarsa, Responsible for Sustainability, Danone; Olga Durich, Manager for Corporate Responsibility, CaixaBank; Pere Fàbregas, Director of Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation, Sofía Fernández de Mesa, Director for Innovation and Social Responsibility, Telefónica; and Ángel Alloza, CEO, Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership made during the panel discussion titled Good Works: the Reality of Socially Responsible Actions in Spain, organised by the IE Business School, the Association for Progress in Management (APD) and the CEDE Association in the BBVA Auditorium in Madrid, on December 11, 2012.