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Driving the Management of Intangible Assets

Reputation & Reputational Risks

Driving the Management of Intangible Assets

Since Corporate Excellence - Centre for Reputation Leadership was created, we have achieved what we marked. 2012 has been a year in which a large number of projects and new initiatives have been implemented, all of them related to the six activity areas in Corporte Excellence: Reputation, Brand, Communications, Metrics, Public Affairs and Training. Now that the time for accounting has arrived, we are proud of our results.

Along 2012, Corporate Excellence has conducted 36 activities for its members; from workshops, best practices meeting and training activities. All our activities have been very well received by professionals of this field. We have reached a participation average of 21 participants per activity, we have 87.8% of satisfaction, and 97% of recommendation by our participants.

Throughout this exercise, Corporate Excellence has partnered with 43 organizations from both, public and private sector, and has participated in 17 business and academic conferences.

Regarding the production and distribution of information and data about intangible assets management, we have prepared 70 documents, including research, case studies, articles and insights and 72 videos including top-level interviews among the highest qualified professionals of the field. In addition, this year we have reached 2604 subscriptions to our newsletter and we expect to keep growing in the intangible assets community in the years to come.

In just over a year, Corporate Excellence has become an important worldwide model helping companies to navigate in the new economic cycle called "reputation economy". With this confidence, we are looking forward to keep working to face new and future challenges and take advantages of the opportunities that will come.