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Insights December 2011

Europe’s new CSR strategy

The European Commission has published a new communication for the promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility, with the aim being to generate a high degree of trust among consumers and improve the contribution enterprises make to society’s wellbeing.


On 25 October this year, the European Commission adopted a new Communication on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This communication constitutes a “renewed and reinforced strategy” on CSR for enterprises in the European Union and introduces Community policy through to the autumn of 2014, the date when the Commission responsible for this communication will be renewed.

It is a document that has been drawn up as a result of the consensus between numerous institutions and stakeholders. This consensus is apparent in the initiatives that endeavour to meet the aspirations of the various stakeholders. In practice, this Communication paves the way for the development of a far-reaching regulation of CSR over the coming years.