Executive Summary. Approaching the Future 2022 - Liderando la reputación corporativa de las empresas - Corporate
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Reputation & Reputational Risks

Studies & Reports May 2022

Executive Summary. Approaching the Future 2022

This document summarizes the key ideas of the report Approaching The Future 2022. Trends in Reputation and Management of Intangibles.

In this new edition we observe how, after the impact of the pandemic, organizations are redefining their priorities to respond to a reality in full transformation characterized by social and economic instability generated largely by the war in Ukraine, the growing social inequality or the climate emergency.

Faced with this uncertain and unstable reality, the answer seems clear: advance in the activation and implementation of the corporate purpose and in the promotion of responsible leadership. These are the two trends that lead the ranking of priorities for this edition, which act as responses to urgent challenges and the need to positively impact the environments in which it operates.

Consult here all the materials of the report.