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Insights March 2015

External Experience: Building Brand Day by Day with Customers

Fun, passion, sophistication, design, dream, humour, surprise, freshness, simplicity, curiosity and learning – these are some of the aspects of commercial concepts that customers expect from brands. These aspects become central for an experience where physical elements as well as an opportunity to touch, create and interact directly are essential.

Until recently, brands had to be consistent, predictable and secure (conforming to expectations). Today this perspective on brands may be considered boring, unimaginative and easy to copy. The key is then to exceed expectations. Probably, the importance of socializing was brought about by the Internet, but in any case, companies today realize that they need to make brands fun and invent avatars and other virtual characters that will play with the imagination of consumers.

This document was prepared by Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership and among other sources contains references to the statements made by Lorenzo Meazza, manager for Interior Design at Ikea; Carlos Romero, manager at the Commercial Department of El Ganso; José Luis Pascual, Director of Gourmet Experience at El Corte Inglés; and Yolanda Sanz, Brand Management Director at Bankinter, during the Branding Days conference organized by the Complutense University of Madrid jointly with InterBrand and Corporate Excellence on March 13 and 14, 2013 in Madrid.