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Findings and Conclusions from the Online Comments Report 2015

Reputation & Reputational Risks

Findings and Conclusions from the Online Comments Report 2015

The Online Comments Report is an analysis model that evaluates comments made voluntarily on the Internet by the stakeholders as well as their impact by the dimensions that constitute corporate reputation. According to the researchers, the online Comments Report has become a "management tool". On its 4th year, the Online Comments Report consolidated itself as a worldwide standard for reputation management on the Internet.  The report contains a map of stakeholders that actively use the Internet and the networks that should be taken into account when developing a strategy of positioning on the Internet.

For the 4th issue of Online Comments Report, analysis of 47,903 URLs, 24,692 mentions, 68 corporate brands and 15 industries and the real–time network Twitter, the social network Facebook, the multimedia network YouTube, and the hypertextual network Google were carried out. One more year, the Report evaluates comments made voluntarily on the Internet as well as their impact by the dimensions that constitute corporate reputation: Products and Services, Innovation, Finance, Workplace, Citizenship, Leadership and Governance. This strategic focus has been applied to 70 companies based in Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Portugal.

The Report's conclusions highlight that, one year later "Consumer Electronics" still leads the chart in terms of awareness and recognition. This sector increased in more than three points positive evaluation contained in comments thanks to the positive assessment of the categories of Workplace, Citizenship and Products and Services.

By dimensions, Innovation and Leadership achieved the best results regarding recognition 

Companies are now generating their own content, confirming the trend identified in last year’s report.

Last but not least, regarding the findings by networks, the report shows that after four years, Google is still the network that scores better in terms of awareness. 

The Online Comments Report, a Pioneering Model

The Online Comments Report is a research tool that enables the evaluation of the impact that online comments have on corporate reputation. It is used as a diagnostic tool and allows the classification of comments made on the Internet according the seven key dimensions driving corporate reputation and established by Reputation Institute: Products/Services, Innovation, Workplace, Governance, Citizenship, Leadership and Financial Performance. 

The Report provides a clear idea of what stakeholders are saying about a brand and what those comments mean. It also shows the positioning of a brand regarding its competitors in specific markets and helps companies to identify important trends and insights.

Until now, companies in nine different countries around the world have used this model for more than seventy ad-hoc researches. Besides, this initiative was a finalist for the prestigious Digital Communication Award 2013 within the Digital Monitoring and Evaluation category, where it competed with Bosch Siemens and Wikipedia.