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David Haigh - Brand Finance June 2016


Global Intangible Finance Tracker 2016

Presentation about the results of the Global Intangible Financial Tracker Report 2016 by David Haigh, Founder and CEO from Brand Finance, in the Conference «The revolution and impact of intangibles in the value of organizations»

Global Intangible Financial Tracker(GIFT™), elaborated by Brand Finance in collaboration with Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, annually analyzes how the value of intangible assets varies in the market. The results for this edition have taken into account more than 57 000 companies and have been presented for the first time in Spain.

The report shows that to be successful in the short and long term, organizations need to quantify and better report about their intangible assets, because some of them, such as client satisfaction, the quality of business processes, relationships with clients, employee engagement and brand reputation are key in decisions that create and protect the value of organizations.

Haigh presents the weight that tangible assets represent in the case of Spain, 40 % in comparison to the global 47 %, and deeps into the weight they represent in the total value of organizations per sector.