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Insights February 2013

Internal communication: a tool for building trust and transparency in organizations

Companies and institutions want to gain external credibility, but this is not possible without achieving first internal credibility, without being coherent and consistent in regard to what is done inside and what is demonstrated outside. The goal is clear: if reputation is contrasted with prescription, employees have to be the first defenders.

Due to the impact of the crisis in many Western countries, the benchmark for some companies that were unique in recognition because of its ability to generate attraction and fidelity of talent has significantly dropped. The feeling of many employees as hostages in an unwanted situation, or the workers dismissal leads to rethink some of the bases on which people managing is based in organizations, according to the director of HR Reale Seguros, Alfredo Núñez.

This document was prepared by Corporate Excellence – Centre for Repuation Leadership and contains references, among other sources, to the statements made by Pepa Rodríguez, Corporate Communications Manager of British American Tobacco), to Marina Gonzalez, Internal Communication Officer of Endesa, Conchita Gassó, Familiy Office of GAES, by Susana Gómez, Human Resources Director, Kellogg Iberia and Alfredo Núñez Director of HR Reale Seguros during the 32th Conference on Internal Communication Stewards held by Instituto de Empresa and Corresponsables in Madrid on September 20, 2012