International Reputation Week in 3 minutes - Leading by reputation - Corporate Excellence
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Video summaries Video summariesOctober 2023

Reputation & Reputational Risks

International Reputation Week in 3 minutes

Video summary of the International Reputation Week congress. It was organized by the University of Navarra and Corporate Excellence, and had more than 200 attendees from 20 countries, around 50 speakers and was promoted by sponsors such as Santander and Telefónica, DKV and LLYC, or Reputation Lab and Trust Maker.

The congress was divided into two blocks, one dedicated to corporate reputation with a great presence of business vision, and a second block dedicated to the reputation of universities with a great presence of academic vision.

Throughout the four days we talked about:

  1. Reputation, corporate governance and ESG strategy
  2. Reputation and sustainability. Communication and stakeholders. Leadership and strategy
  3. University reputation: identity, government, stakeholders and environment
  4. Reputation strategies. Group work. Closure