Jonathan Labrey (IIRC) talks us about the IR Pilot Programme - Ecosistema de conocimiento de Corporate Excellence
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Interview InterviewMay 2013

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Jonathan Labrey (IIRC) talks us about the IR Pilot Programme

«Integrated Reporting Cases. Progress and the IR Pilot Programme» was the workshop organized by Corporate Excellence that helped to know more about the progress on the internal management of integrated reporting elaboration, and about the state of the results of the consulting period of the IR Pilot Programme, in which 80 companies participated among them Telefónica, BBVA, Indra, Inditex and Enagás. It is to be presented in Brussels soon.

At the workshop, held in the Escuela de Organización Industrial in Madrid, Telefónica and Indra cases on this IIRC Pilot Program were shared. Both companies shared with more than thirty participants the most important changes made on financial and non-financial information management.