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Llorente&Cuenca and Corporate Excellence present the 3rd issue of Online Comments Analysis

Reputation & Reputational Risks

Llorente&Cuenca and Corporate Excellence present the 3rd issue of Online Comments Analysis

Madrid. March 6, 2014. Llorente&Cuenca and Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership are presenting the 3rd issue of Online Comments Analysis, an analysis model designed for evaluating the impact of online messages on corporate reputation. This year 78,896 URLs, 45,063 references, 71 corporate brands and 16 industries were analyzed by 7 dimensions of reputation (Products and Services, Financial Results, Innovation, Workplace, Leadership, Governance and Citizenship).

“The huge impact of new technologies has accelerated social changes that lead to more complicated relations between companies and their numerous stakeholders. The Internet turned everyone into potential producers of information”, says Ángel Alloza, the CEO of Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership, and goes on to add that “in this context, organizations should be aware that it is their responsibility to manage their reputation properly, making the most of those aspects that add value and correcting those aspects that are not welcomed by the public”.

This year’s report highlights the fact that Consumer Electronics, analyzed this year for the first time, is the most popular sector by references and points to the fact that these references are mostly positive. “This good result is driven by companies’ efforts to launch innovative products and services, their easy adjustment to changes, business innovations as well as the ability to communicate a good organizational structure and clear vision of the future”, says Iván Pino, Online Communications Director at LLORENTE & CUENCA, Spain and Portugal.

Hotels is among those sectors that experienced most significant changes by awareness as compared to previous years. It should also be noted that Oil and Gas companies saw an important improvement in the tone of their stakeholders’ comments - largely due to the companies’ ability to communicate their progress in the way they treat their employees.

In terms of the profile of those users who publish their opinions and comments on the Internet, the report shows that “public opinion” drifted from neutral position towards more critical stance. Another important trend is the proliferation of journalists’ professional profiles in different networks. Journalists are the group that generates most information, especially with respect to such subjects as growth potential, profit, the quality of products and services and customer service.

The report also shows that Google retains its top positions by awareness for the third year running, which means that this network generates best awareness results for companies. Besides, the quality of these comments increased as compared to the results of 2011 and 2012.

About BEO 

BEO is a research tool designed to evaluate the impact of online comments on corporate reputation. The model has been applied to more than 70 organizations from seven countries. BEO methodology was included into the short list of the Digital Communication Awards 2013 in the category of Digital Monitoring and Evaluation.

Full text of the study.