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New Communication Model, from persuasion to advocacy


New Communication Model, from persuasion to advocacy

For the second year, Corporate Excellence  - Centre for Reputation Leadership held a summer course about communication in the framework of the summer courses at the Complutense University of Madrid that was celebrated in San Lorenzo de El Escorial.

Speakers from some of the main companies in Spain like Telefónica, Bankinter, Repsol o Aqualogy among others, were at the course “Communication and intangible assets: from persuasion to advocacy”. Students could learn about the main steps that are being taken related to communication and other intangible assets management key for organizations.

Within this academic and professional framework, the New Communication Model was presented. Corporate Excellence has been working in this New Model along with The Arthur Page Society. At Corporate Excellence has adapted the report Building Belief: A New Model for Activating Corporate Character and Authentic Advocacy, a paper developed by The Arthur Page Society, the most important American Association of Communication Directors in the United States. The report gathers a qualitative research carried out among the main partner organizations of this American Association; it has led to a proposal for a new communication model in order to understand communication managing. In the current new environment, this new model seeks to answer the challenges and needs of every organization to successfully navigate in the new digital age. The new model is proposed as a current alternative to the traditional communication model based on the massive release of one-way messages to persuade stakeholders and drive them to buy. However, the new model seeks to create a strong identity, relevant for stakeholders; it wants to generate an identification (beliefs) that draw people to action and makes key stakeholders to decide to share their beliefs about the organization and advocate for products, services and the organization itself. Therefore, this new communication model is not based on communication skills to persuade publics, but on the great power of communication to create process of influence and advocacy among attitudes and favourable behaviours of stakeholders. To multiply and get wider spread of this advocacy, relevant content generation and intense technology and social media use should turn into the most effective and efficient way to generate business, that is, the strengthen of stakeholders’ relationships and the building of strong brands and organizations with the best reputation.

Corporate Excellence  - Centre for Reputation Leadership is driving the building of an international and inter-academic platform in which there are already numerous professors and researchers working to make stronger this new model that will change the current perspective of corporate communication.