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New reputation metric: eMotionRep by Kantar

Reputation & Reputational Risks

New reputation metric: eMotionRep by Kantar

On the occasion of the 2022 Intangible Metrics Innovation Congress organized by Corporate Excellence - Center for Reputation Leadership, Kantar Insights has presented its reputation metric "eMotionRep by Kantar". This metric, generated after an exhaustive process of research, analysis and review, and validated by Corporate Excellence, has been designed to feed the decisions of organizations and add value, providing more actionable and operational insights that really help in the transformation of companies. towards a more sustainable and resilient management model.

With a flexible approach, in which customization coexists with comparability, Kantar Insights has designed a universal measurement model that can be adapted to each reality of the corporation. The eMotionRep by Kantar model has been prepared by applying a rigorous scientific approach that incorporates Kantar's experience into the academic and professional background in corporate reputation, updating it with new ESG metrics based on the proposals of the reporting standards for non-financial indicators. international.

It is based on 12 universal concepts related to different facets of corporate behavior and with a high diagnostic capacity, grouped into three areas:

  • Client Excellence, which includes the variables that measure the ability to attract and retain customers.
  • ESG Excellence, which evaluates the perception of the company in terms of social, environmental, work and ethical criteria.
  • Vision Excellence, which assesses the ability to continue growing.

These variables explain the emotional reputation superscript made up of 4 components that is strongly related to the creation of favorable behaviors towards the company, such as buying its products, investing or working for it, or giving it the benefit of the doubt in possible adverse situations.

Carmen Dato, Director of Corporate Reputation and Sustainability at Kantar Insights, commented: "We know that today the value of a company is much more related to intangible assets and resources and, according to the Ocean Volume report and the US Bureau of Economic Analysis, intangibles currently represent 90% of the value of a company in the capital market. Additionally, Kantar BrandZ, the largest brand value study worldwide, shows how between 2008 and 2018 brands with a strong reputation increased their value by 57 points. That is why, proactively managing reputation requires having metrics that help discover what the expectations of interest groups are and evaluate corporate performance in relation to them to feed the strategy and establish improvement plans. that make it possible to close the identified gaps.”

The Kantar Insights model has been validated by Corporate Excellence - Center for Reputation Leadership, a step that Kantar has considered important to guarantee the market the rigor, objectivity and reliability of the model. Ángel Alloza, CEO of this business platform specializing in reputation and management of intangibles, explained the following: "From Corporate Excellence we welcome a new reputation measurement tool developed by one of the world's leading companies in reputation research. markets. This development represents a clear step forward for all corporate reputation managers.”

How was the eMotion Rep by Kantar model built?

During the congress, Alberto Relaño, Director of Analytics at Kantar Insights Spain, explained the meticulous process that has been developed to arrive at this metric: "The objective of Kantar Insights has been to develop a model that analyzes and improves current solutions in three components basic: rational cognitive (information or perception of the company), emotional (feeling that it generates) and behavioral (which depends on the previous ones). For this, a review of the state of the art of reputation and an exploratory investigation were carried out to identify 275 reputation variables. Subsequently, an advanced analytics system has been applied to them and they have been reviewed by our Brand and Reputation experts until reaching the most significant, the 12 attributes that make up our Core model: 3 rational dimensions with 4 attributes and an emotional dimension with 4 attributes. This entire process assures us that we have a statistical robustness superior to those existing in the market.”

The eMotionRep by Kantar model therefore incorporates a "backbone" common to any reputation study that enables comparability together with a strong diagnostic capacity thanks to being connected to the Kantar BrandZ study, the largest Brand Value benchmark to date. world level.

Thanks to its predictive capacity, with the model it is possible to:

  • Periodically evaluate the reputation of the company and compare it with the average of its sector to know its performance
  • Understand the drivers of the company's reputation and prioritize them according to their importance
  • Know the structural and long-term impact that reputation has on key business indicators such as sales.
  • Design the best reputation strategy, establishing priorities based on the strengths and potential risks identified for the corporation.
  • Simulate future scenarios in which we see how the growth or decrease in the perception of any of the rational attributes would affect our emotional reputation.
  • Determine which are the most relevant initiatives that will allow me to grow in one or several of the rational dimensions of reputation and with which of them we have a greater impact on the perception of stakeholders.

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