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Corporate Excellence & Llorente&Cuenca November 2015


Online Comments Report 2015 (Executive Summary)

Executive summary of the 4th issue of the Online Comments Report. This report, developed by Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership and LLORENTE & CUENCA, rigorously analyses comments made voluntarily on the Internet as well as their impact by the dimensions that constitute corporate reputation.

The report contains a map of stakeholders that actively use the Internet and the networks that should be taken into account at the time of developing a strategy of positioning on the Internet: the real–time network Twitter, the social network Facebook, the multimedia network YouTube, and the hypertextual network Google. It also identifies relevant content for different audiences and helps to map key reputational risk areas for companies. Until now, this strategic focus has been applied to 70 companies based in Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Portugal.